There are no words

But rivers of gratitude

Flowing from the depth of my heart

First, to God

And outpouring of thanksgiving and gratitude to family, friends and fans both near and far away

To thank you all

For the constant support


The kind words

The care expressed

The felicitation extended

By people I know

And those I’m yet to meet

From near and from afar

To be both singularly and collectively treasured

Is an honor and privilege

A responsibility I do not take lightly

So even as I embark on this new year of living

I live it knowing that there are souls out there who are connected to me in the fellowship of love, entertainment, showbiz, music, stories, experiences and the human fraternity.

May I not fall short of your expectations

And should in case I do, may you all, find it in your heart to forgive me.

While believing in my ability to get better and thus giving me a second chance to prove myself

So I say

Thank you very much for been there always

Thank you so much for the numerous wishes and outpouring of love

They made me know I am not an island

And that I am an oasis

May the water of my fountains never run dry

And may the fruits of my career keep providing succor to the broken minded

To all who came to me to bring life to their events

I will keep getting better in my service to you

And blessing

Just as I have been blessed

By the source of all things

This year has been a tough and challenging one, to me, and to everyone of us

We hope the next years ahead offers a better possibility to reassess, redefined to produce better results

May we continue to live and thrive through it all

I remain yours, humbly, Sirs and Madams





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